Chapter One
This is a story about a company trying to bring light into the world. To bring something to an industry that was lacking. To be a company focused on its people. This is the emergence of Arsenal Strength.
What started as a dream quickly became a laser focused vision turned into reality. Reaching over 30 countries in the first few years, it was clear the impact this company would have on the world.
It was a conscious decision to focus on the people. The customers, the employees, and the fans. Everything Arsenal Strength it does, it does for them. We are nowhere near perfection, but we will strive to have this company be a place that people want to be a part of. The People’s Company.
We want to inspire everyone to work toward their goals. We didn’t have a shot in the world but we took the first step and never looked back. Roll up your sleeves and get to work. Let’s Go.
Introducing AS EMERGENCE. A limited collection of luxury apparel curated around an inspiring narrative of a vision to be a light in a dark industry.